500mg Pet Tincture


30ml = 1oz
1 full dropper = 1ml
Divide mg of tincture by 30 to find how many mg are per dropper/ml

500mg/30= 16.7mg per full ml/dropper

Animal Dose Dependent on weight of animal and severity of issue. Check our FAQ for Dosing Chart.


Our Pet Tinctures contain simple ingredients of MCT oil and Full Spectrum CBD. Using a MCT blended product has been said to increase the bio-availability to the product itself, while helping to ease a variety of indispositions. Animals deal with many of the same issues as humans, so why not treat your fury friend with the same amount of love you’d show yourself.

Please refer to the dosing chart on our FAQ page for more info regarding how to take these products.

Ingredients: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT)