Many veterinarians believe cannabidiol is a safe and effective option for treating a wide range of pet ailments from anxiety to seizures. There are virtually no known adverse side effects of cannabidiol. Always ask your veterinarian for guidance about introducing cannabidiol into your pets regime. 


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Cannabidiol is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients and Charleston Hemp Company is the seed to shelf producer of Hemp Extract products for your pets. We only use medically tested, pure, full-spectrum hemp extract from plants grown on farms with organic farming practices. 

What’s Ailing Your Pet?

Cannabidiol is a safe and effective option for humans and pets for the treatment of hundreds of ailments. Pet owners and veterinarians have reported improvements in patients suffering from seizures and epilepsy without adverse side effects. Cannabidiol is known to reduce pain and inflammation, protect the nervous system and heart, and so much more.

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Treats, Tinctures and Salves – What’s Right For Your Pet?


Tinctures are a very easy and accurate way to deliver cannabidiol to your pet. Add to food or drop directly in the mouth for fast absorption.


We are perfecting our recipes for the tastiest treats for cats and dogs. Stay tuned!

What About Salves

Salves are an effective means to treat allergies and inflammation. You can apply to an affected area or rub on the inside of your pet’s ear.


Dosing is dictated by your pet’s ailment, metabolism and body mass. It’s always better to start small and work your way up to an effective dose.  You should consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on cannabidiol.

What We’ve Learned

Cannabidiol and Your Pets

The Basics

Cannabidiol works with a mammals’ Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to deliver many health benefits. It’s been used for thousands of years, all over the world, with virtually no adverse side effects. Pet owners most frequently report a decrease in anxiety during stressful situations such as storms, travel and separation when using cannabidiol. More research is being done daily so stay tuned and stay informed.

What the Veterinarians Say

Made legal in all 50 states by the The Federal Farm Bill of 2014, cannabidiol is becoming a popular option in veterinary care for hundreds of ailments. All cannabidiol is not alike and pet owners need to understand what they are giving their furry friends. Visit for the latest articles in the fast moving cannabidiol world.



What's the Deal with CBD for Pets?

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“This sweet girl had a rough start – as a youngster she had fear issues and anxiety and displayed it by being aggressive. We tried everything under the sun to build her confidence with trainers and homeopathic remedies. Some worked a little bit, others not at all. A friend told us about CBD oil so we tried it and it made such a huge difference! Now she can go to the beach off leash and we can have friends over. We love our girl and trust Charleston Hemp Company to deliver the best CBD oil we can get!”  Jennifer


“Effie is a 14 year old Shar Pei and German Sheppard mix who has suffered with arthritis pain for years. Over the years we’ve tried many of the standard pain medications and experienced terrible side effects like skin break outs, diarrhea and lethargy. Six months ago we introduced small amounts of CBD to her daily routine and she immediately began to show signs of improvement! She moves with more ease and seems happier overall. We like to buy local and are happy Charleston Hemp Company is here to deliver quality CBD oil for our Fur-Baby!”  Tom and Anne


“My vet put him on mediation for seizures that cost about $230 per month. This past Fourth of July I saw Diesel getting wound up with the fireworks so I gave him .5ml of CBD oil and within minutes he had calmed. I also noticed he started moving better up and down the stairs. Now he gets CBD oil everyday. He’s seizure-free without the harsh meds and he is a happy dog!” David Bulick, Owner, Charleston Hemp Company


“Our tuxedo, Rosie, is 12 and in relatively good health. We tried all sorts of treatments for a mild – but clearly itchy – skin condition she has. But nothing worked until we used CBD, topically. Our vet explained that cats have CBD receptors in their skin, so we can apply it directly, versus having her ingest something. It’s really made a difference in her quality of life – and ours!”  Colleen


“When my 17 year old cat started having seizures I knew I had to do something fast to help her. CBD oil reduced the number of episodes to just a few per month and helps calm her and speed her recovery time when one occurs. I’m grateful there is a local farmer and manufacturer of CBD oil I can trust to make safe and effective remedies.”  Martha


“Felix is an 11 year old Dachshund. He has always had “little dog” issues but over the past few years, his anxiety started getting worse. I tried prescriptions and some natural products to help ease his temper but nothing seemed to help. Soon I couldn’t take him with me to places he’d always gone before because he’d try to pick fights with other dogs. Then I found Charleston Hemp Company’s CBD oil and wow what a difference! Felix has his old confidence back and is a lot more relaxed. He’s social again and doesn’t stress out when I take him new places.”  Heather