Locally grown, lovingly made products from our family to yours.

Charleston Hemp Company grows and sources organic hemp plants to produce the highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) products on the market today. We quality-test ever batch and reject anything that is less than perfect.


From Tincture to lip balm, we provide the highest quality CBD products you can buy





We’ve combined the latest technologies with some good old fashioned innovation to streamline our production process.  We use flash freezing to preserve the essential elements in our hemp plants. We quick dry to yield the purest components.  We extract the oil with the latest manufacturing technologies and insights. Each step is carefully monitored by our Master of Production and each hand-made batch is tested for purity and consistency.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality CBD products available.

How CBD Works

Cannabidiol produces many effects through multiple molecular pathways; scientists have identified more than 65 molecular targets for CBD. This is why CBD has been found useful for relieving nausea, pain, inflammation, migraines, seizure disorders and more.

People Are Talking About Charleston Hemp Co.

Pending FDA approvals we rely on testimonials to support the health benefit claims of CBD products.  Here is what people are saying about CBD and the Charleston Hemp Company

“My 18 year-old daughter is a high achiever, and suffers from anxiety and insomnia, especially during peak school testing seasons. She’s become a big fan of Charleston Hemp oil, taken sublingually in the evening, to help calm her nerves and induce a deep, restful sleep. She feels good about its natural quality, and we’re glad to avoid man-made pharmaceuticals where we can.” Renee, Mount Pleasant